Featured Collections

Large and Complex

A collection of international projects featuring large-scale problem solving and project management

The Forks Urban Renewal

The exceptional transformation of The Forks site, a former rail yard, reflects a history of trade and social engagement that thrived for 6,000 years.

Winnipeg Airport Hotel and Parkade

This 90,000-square-foot hotel and parkade was developed from a pencil sketch to an operating hotel and parkade in fourteen months.

Regina City Square

Regina City Square is the showpiece of downtown Regina’s 13-million-dollar redevelopment plan. An inviting, new urban district, it has become the city’s central gathering place.

287 Broadway Avenue

Building envelope reconstruction, interior renovations and mechanical improvements brought a deteriorating 1950s office building up to current building code standards with a significant increase in energy efficiency. 

Stony Mountain Institution

Strategic scheduling maintained the regular delivery of prison services through a complex, lengthy process of renovation and new construction.

St. Vital Knights Villa

The thoughtful integration of new apartments and communal spaces broadened the range of residents’ social interactions and help foster healthy living.

Beautifully Crafted

A collection of projects with a focus on high-level creativity and aesthetic quality

Upper Fort Garry Provincial Park

Upper Fort Garry, demolished in the 1880s, lay at the crossroads of Winnipeg’s history. In commemoration, a 400-foot-long interpretive wall was constructed to mark its exact location.

Bowhill Lane Residence

A tapestry of glass and stone, this spacious home, nestled in a park-like setting, is flawlessly elegant and thoroughly welcoming.

Movement Disorder Clinic

A heritage building and modern addition merge harmoniously through the sensitive application of complementary and contrasting materials.

Cowichan Visitor Centre

The steep roof design of the visitor centre reflects Vancouver Island’s historic barns. This is an example of how traditional architecture can be applied to a contemporary building solution.

Academy Road Residence

This 1985 residential project was sited on a property thought to be too narrow to accommodate construction. The house, only 14 feet wide, retains spaciousness with its open concept and split-level design.


Technically Excellent

A collection of projects where complex technical and sustainable solutions were implemented

The Fort Garry Hotel

Restoration work to prolong the life of the Fort Garry Hotel, a National Historic Site, involved assessments, meticulous research and collaboration with selected contractors and suppliers.

Pocket Suites Affordable Housing

Winnipeg’s Pocket Suites provide people on limited incomes with modern, compact and private apartments that fit comfortably into existing neighbourhoods.

Stony Mountain Institution

Existing heritage buildings at Stony Mountain Institution required extensive renovations. All new construction met stringent safety requirements for prison security while enhancing building use and aesthetic quality.

Appartements Le Parc

The first phase of work at Appartements Le Parc involved the creation of a more welcoming and accessible entrance. That success led to a second phase––the assessment and diagnosis of the buildings’ deteriorating exteriors.

Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue Hospital

Careful analysis of the failing aluminum and glass wall system led to an understanding of its weaknesses and to detailed corrective strategies.