Public Places

Transforming ordinary urban spaces into extraordinary public places. In these welcoming civic settings, people now come together to socialize, to celebrate, and to learn.

Commercial and Retail

Understanding the specific requirements of businesses and organizations for new construction or for renovation. These successful projects have invited repeat work with clients and have led to further opportunities.


Enhancing the mission of valued public and private organizations. These original or renovated structures have created new environments of functionality, purpose and security underscored by a distinctive aesthetic.

Residential Multi-Family

Fulfilling the distinct requirements of multi-family accommodation. Each of these housing projects is designed to emphasize comfort, safety and accessibility while complementing surrounding environments.

Residential Single Family

Fashioning unique homes for exceptional families. In form and function, the design of each house expresses the lifestyle of its occupants and responds to the special features of its surroundings.

Competitions and Concepts

Exploring possibilities. These responses to challenges in design, development, renovation, and conservation reflect a mastery of skill and innovation.