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Daniel Cohlmeyer, Director, with Stephen Cohlmeyer, Principal.

Daniel Cohlmeyer, Director, with Stephen Cohlmeyer, Principal.


Stephen Cohlmeyer

Steve is a third-generation architect. Surrounded by architectural conversations and art from childhood, he was led inevitably to architectural school, in his case, at Harvard University. It would be fair to say he eats, drinks and sleeps architecture. No level of effort is too much when a technical problem needs solving or a design perfecting. He enjoys mentoring staff and has an anecdote ready for every learning opportunity. His knowledge of materials and structural details seems inexhaustible. Years of working at home carpentry have made him a familiar face at the local emergency room.

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Daniel Cohlmeyer

Daniel––with no pressure from his parents––is a fourth-generation architect. He opened the Cohlmeyer Architecture Montreal office in 2010 following experience in several other architectural firms in Montreal and Barcelona. Along with project management, his focus has been business development and office management. His talents in drawing and painting inform his designs while his avid interest in new materials leads to unusual solutions. Daniel exudes a passion for life––he is sociable, vibrant and energetic. Nothing pleases him more than throwing a big party in no time at all.

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Affiliations OAQ, AAPPQ, RAIC




Emmanuelle Guérin

Emmanuelle studied environmental design at UQÀM (Université du Québec à Montréal), with an emphasis on architecture and urban design. In 2014 she joined Cohlmeyer Architecture where she immediately became a productive collaborator with the team. She’s precise, thoughtful, conscientious, and she loves a challenge. She also enjoys a good argument, especially when a good solution is the result. Emmanuelle became a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Associate in 2017. She is an enthusiastic cyclist, restrained only by her two short-legged dogs.

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Affiliations Leed Green Associate



Jean-François Julien

Jean-François joined Cohlmeyer Architecture in 2018 after working four years in Toronto following his completion of a Master of Architecture degree from Université Laval. He has a keen eye for the poetry of built space, attentive to marrying the expressive with the practical and the contextual with the technical. He is happy on two wheels in Montreal, year-round, and on a motorcycle in Canada’s larger landscapes. Indoors he is an accomplished baker. Ask him about his maple mousse cake.

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Affiliations OAQ



Stephanie Shaw

Stephanie arrived in Winnipeg after she graduated from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology in 2000, and has continued her studies in the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada’s Syllabus Program. With an eagle eye for technical detail and a firm grip on the timetable, she keeps the company’s projects on track. Outside of work, as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, she works with inner-city youth through the Cadet Program, teaching life skills and leading outdoor preparedness. Dogs, cats and cooking are among her passions, but it’s her amazing laugh everyone loves.

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Affiliations CT (ARCH), ABTAM



David Weber

David has worked in the construction industry since 2004. He began in Sechelt, B.C., where he built luxury homes. His love of problem solving brought him to Winnipeg, where he earned a diploma in Architectural and Engineering Technology from Red River College in 2008, and his Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accreditation in 2009. David has worked on many challenging projects and looks forward to new ones. Outside of work hours you can find him working in his garage or backcountry camping.

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Affiliations C.E.T., CT (ARCH), LEED AP B+C



Cynthia Cohlmeyer

Cynthia has always loved the natural sciences and art. When she came across the sign “Landscape Architecture” at university after completing a liberal arts degree, she realized the two subjects that most captivated her could work together. Fast forward to becoming the first woman to earn a Canadian Master of Landscape Architecture––from the University of Manitoba––and onward to pursuing her passion for integrating the natural environment with the built environment. At Cohlmeyer Architecture, she brings the team together with her warmth and understanding when tough decisions must be made. In the community, she is an innovator and leader in environmental undertakings. Caterpillars make her happy.

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Affiliations MALA, FCSLA



Krista Bobinski-Hill

Krista grew up on a Manitoba cattle ranch and draws from that experience––she has a dedicated work ethic, a flexible approach to problem solving, and an interest in pairing nature with the built environment. A graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Manitoba, she became a registered architect in 2015, after working thirteen years in the field. In 2016 she joined Cohlmeyer Architecture and has been nurturing relationships with our clients, contractors and design consultants ever since. In her spare time, Krista loves fishing and exploring new music.

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Affiliations MAA, MRAIC



Julia Buller

Julia has been keeping the accounts straight since 2008, with a special dedication to making accessible what’s complicated for everyone else. She’s as accurate, efficient, and knowledgeable as a bookkeeper should be, but she has a surprising arty side, not typical of number crunchers––she knits and sews like a demon and paints in watercolors. Julia and her husband share a passion for ecologically friendly living.

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Czeslawa Bulowska

Czesia began drawing houses when she was young girl in Poland, although those houses were mostly designed for squirrels. Thanks to her education at the Technikum Budowlane in Cierszyn, Poland, she now draws buildings of much greater sophistication, and with lightning speed. This has kept her busy at Cohlmeyer Architecture since 2000. She is a team player and her collaboration on projects is vital. Having enjoyed an eastern European education, she has a good ear for classical music. In the summer, Czesia is an avid, adventurous gardener and beekeeper.

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Joseph Miller

Joseph arrived at Cohlmeyer Architecture in 2018, following eight years working as an architectural project manager. A graduate from George Brown College's School of Architectural Studies in Toronto, and an inveterate traveller, Joseph has lived and worked as a model with many world famous designers throughout Europe, where great architecture fired his imagination and lifted his spirits. He is completing the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada’s Syllabus Program, after which he will become a licensed architect. Joseph is a thoughtful listener and valued collaborator with the Cohlmeyer Architecture team.

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Giselle Sala

Giselle has been minding the day-to-day office operations of Cohlmeyer Architecture since 2008. She has a certificate in Human Resources Management from Winnipeg’s Red River College, but her true strength is her superb memory and acute attention to detail. Petite she may be, but she packs a powerful punch, metaphorically speaking, and in two languages. It is no surprise that she also runs marathons.

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Matthew Vandenberg

Matt has loved building things since he was a boy. Earning a Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Manitoba and a Master of Architecture from the University of Calgary, he brought nine years of professional experience to Cohlmeyer Architecture when he joined the firm in 2016. Though his approach to his work is consistently methodical and thorough, he always appears relaxed. Volunteering fills his spare time. And he wears a fine variety of hats.

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Affiliations MAA, MRAIC



Yin Zheng

Yin came to Canada from a Shanghai architectural firm looking for new adventures and for a different working environment. He found them in Winnipeg, where he completed his Environmental Design degree at the University of Manitoba in 2016. Friendly and positive, he is passionate about architecture, 3D modelling and sustainable development. He has taken his enthusiasm to the Forks’ Warming Hut design competition where his team built the 2015 winning university entry, Mirror Cloaking, on the icy Assiniboine River.

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