Regina City Square

Regina City Square Conceptual Master Plan and Phase One Development
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Urban Planning and Design, Traffic and Transit Planning, Architecture
Cohlmeyer Architecture

The project has stimulated and facilitated commercial and community activity in the city centre.

Regina City Square is the showpiece of downtown Regina’s 13-million-dollar redevelopment plan. An inviting, new urban district, it has become the city’s central gathering place.  

An extensive planning project revised traffic and transit functions and expanded pedestrian and cycling infrastructure in downtown Regina. Twelfth Avenue between Lorne Street and Scarth Street is now a plaza––Regina City Square. When closed to traffic it hosts public events including festivals and farmers’ markets.

Victoria Park is linked to the plaza with landscaping, paving and lighting–– an inviting urban space. The project has stimulated and facilitated commercial and community activity in the city centre.

Once a conventional city street, 12th Avenue is restructured to allow flexible traffic movement in a multifunctional, stimulating and pedestrian-friendly urban space.


Twelfth Avenue was redesigned as a plaza––Regina City Square. Transit routes were revised to accommodate regular pedestrian use, and when special events are scheduled other traffic is redirected. Its design includes advanced entertainment technologies, providing the necessary infrastructure for busy summer programming. Regina Folk Festival, JazzFest Regina, and a twice-weekly Farmers’ Market are among the many events that take place in City Square and Victoria Park.


This plaza twinkles at night with multiple overhead LED lights. The space is a transitional connection between Victoria Park and the Scarth Street Mall, a well-used pedestrian street north of the plaza. Custom-made stainless steel tables were designed for casual lunches.


Seating areas along the south edge of the plaza ––outdoor “living rooms”––were created for rest and socialization. Structural vaults built under the paving of the “rooms” provide soil and rooting space for the young trees. High-performance German paving stones cover the plaza. They are set in a distinctive harlequin pattern conceived and copyrighted by Cohlmeyer Architecture Limited.


Sculptural light fixtures were designed specifically for illuminating Regina City Square. In addition to street and area lighting, the fixtures include plugins for vendors and street musicians and audio systems for larger performances.


Underground services prohibited planting of trees along the plaza’s north side. These dramatic structures were designed to shade vendors and performers from the sun and to provide an illuminated backdrop for the square.

A view of Regina City Square from Victoria Park.

A view of Regina City Square from Victoria Park.

Regina City Square site plan

Landscape Architecture, Cynthia Cohlmeyer
Public Consultation, Canadian Ecotourism Services
Traffic Studies, MMM Group
Structural Engineer, Crosier, Kilgour & Partners
Mechanical Engineer, G.D. Stasynec and Associates
Electrical Engineer, Williams Engineering
Contractor, PCL Construction Management

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