The Fort Garry Hotel

The Fort Garry Hotel Historic Restoration and Renovations
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Architecture, Heritage Assessment and Renovation
Cohlmeyer Architecture

Restored and enhanced, the historic hotel is a distinguished venue for weddings, conferences and discerning guests.

Restoration work to prolong the life of the Fort Garry Hotel, a National Historic Site, involved assessments, meticulous research and collaboration with selected contractors and suppliers.  

After a century of wear, the Fort Garry Hotel was carefully restored. Original materials were specified wherever possible. Fire protection and emergency protocols were restructured, and mechanical and electrical systems were upgraded.

Based on heritage guidelines and the original project documents, the facade, roof and front entry were renewed and the grand halls restored. A new rear entrance, designed to harmonize with the existing architecture, a parking structure, and landscape improvements completed the restoration.

A thorough understanding of heritage restoration and close examination of the hotel’s original construction ensured this renovation’s durability and authenticity.


With assistance from a local geologist, the limestone used to create the original facade, not available locally, was eventually traced to its source, a quarry in northern Indiana. The limestone was shipped to Winnipeg to replace the hotel’s deteriorated sections. A more flexible lime mortar was substituted for the acrylic mortar. Windows and other openings were completely replaced.


An entirely new entry was designed at the rear of the hotel to offer access to the adjacent parking structure.

The imposing entrance, including the stone staircase and the elaborate canopy, was restored to its original condition.


This fire escape, installed to meet building code requirements, was designed to harmonize with the architecture.

A side entrance was restored and a new pedestrian ramp was created to access upper-level parking.


The hotel’s grand reception rooms were restored to their original Edwardian design. New heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems were installed along with electrical and lighting systems to serve modern entertainment needs.


Structural Engineer, Crosier, Kilgour & Partners
Heritage Masonry Restoration, Alfred Wider
Contractor, Horta Construction

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